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Do you love to do your own garden but need a bit of assistance?

Are you unsure how and when to prune your shrubs?

Do you need some suggestions for the right plants for the right place?

Would you like some new ideas?

Everyone makes mistakes, after all there is a lot to learn about plants and  how to look after them. But it can be expensive too if you keep getting it wrong, it is also demoralising if the plants don't perform as you would expect them to.

I have been growing plants and doing garden work for about 30 years and have gained a considerable amount of experience. I am offering a new service for those of you who need some personalised guidance. I could come and walk with you round your garden maybe two or three times a year and make notes about what jobs need doing complete with some practical help of how to do it. Then I'll leave you with a list of what needs do be done and when it's best to do it. This could enable you to learn more while doing the work and might also help prevent you wasting money on buying unsuitable plants for your garden.

Please contact me on 01926 812 737 so we can arrange a suitable time for a visit.

Christine Dakin