Guess what? I didn’t work on Christmas day. But I have done something at work on all other days in December whatever the weather. I’ve done a lot of cutting down of the perennials and a lot of plants have been relocated, some to different parts of the garden and some to the bonfire pile. New plants have found their way into new spaces so there will be (hopefully) more cohesion in some of the borders. I’ve realised that I still think like a person with not much space and have tended to plant a single item rather than clumps or (fashionable word) drifts.

Maybe one of the reasons for wanting to do as much as I can right now is that I’m increasingly conscious of my advancing age which in turn means that I can’t do as much as I once could. So it seems wise to do little and often and, anyway, it is winter and we could get some snow which would stop me. Right now though, I am possibly a bit ahead of myself which is and unusual state of affairs.

Speaking of bonfires……it’s one of my favourite things to do and with all the spoil from the garden there has been every excuse to burn it. I’ve even managed to burn a mass of hawthorn trimmings which was quite satisfying. I do wonder how George avoids standing on the thorns.

Buds of chaenomeles and lonicera fragrantissima are poised to open. Viburnum bodnantense ‘Dawn’ is in full flower despite the frosts. Snowdrops are beginning to peak through and the hellebores will soon follow them.

Winter might not be as colourful as other seasons but there is pleasure to be had from the structure of the plants and shapes of trees. There have been some wonderful sunny days and I often wonder if other people are missing out.

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