I’ve caught the sun today while gardening, and I was in the garden because it was too hot in the polytunnel. My daughter has been here for her annual holiday and has done a lot of potting for me but for the last three or four days it has been unseasonably warm and sunny and by mid afternoon its too hot for me in the tunnel. The plants are all growing at an alarming rate, some of the bulbs are over within days and we’re having to water everything regularly. At the same time the temperatures are dropping steeply at night, there was a frost here this morning which has nipped some of the soft fresh new growth on some of the plants.

If this dry weather carries on much longer it will probably mean that we shall have a hosepipe ban. We should be able to keep watering because we’re a business but I suspect that people will stop buying plants if they can’t water their gardens. Most garden plants which are established shouldn’t need regular watering and lawns always recover. It really is wasting water when its put on grass. Meanwhile, further north there is plenty of water I’m told. We think that it would be far more sensible to use the money for the proposed high speed rail link on a national water grid which would be more useful to more people

One thought on “Is it really March?

  • January 23, 2013 at 11:57 am

    I couldn’t agree more. The national water grid will have to come, as too many live where it is too dry.

    Funny, but I wrote something along similar lines about drought at around the same time. I even did a talk on it. Note to self. Must not tempt Fate in the same vein in 2013!

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