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  1. AGM. Indicates the plant has been trialled by the Royal Horticultural Society and is deemed "garden worthy" and generally a good all-round plant.
  2. Plants new to us this year are shown with NEW against the name
  3. Heights are given in centimetres or metres after the name in brackets thus: (75 cm) or (1.5 metres) and are the likely height after 5 years. To convert to 'old fashioned' units: 30 cm = 1 foot approx, 90 cm = 3 feet approx.
  4. Flowering times are given by month thus: <3-5>, i.e. March-May; however this is variable and depends on the season and other climatic factors.
  5. Evergreen shrubs will have an 'E' immediately before the name, semi-evergreen being shown by 'SE'

Shrubs add structure to the garden and provide cover and nest sites for birds and small mammals. We have a range of deciduous, evergreen and scented shrubs to suit any garden


 Plant Name/Description


SE. Abelia x grandiflora  (2 metres) <8-10>


All gardens should have one of these beautiful shrubs. Small leaves are glossy dark green with clusters of white flowers on gracefully arching stems make this a wonderful flowering shrub.


SE.  Abelia grandiflora 'Francis Mason'  (2 metres) <8-10>


As above but the leaves are a warm yellow colour.


SE. Akebia quinata - Climber


Semi-evergreen twining climber with fragrant purple flowers

Amelanchier lamarckii (3 metres) <3-4> NEW AGM 
One of the best shrubs available. Pretty white spring blossom and good autumn colour  

E. Aucuba japonica 'Variegata'  (2 metres)


An essential plant for winter colour. Leathery dark green leaves splashed with yellow will darken up a dark corner. The addition of red - turning to black - berries is a bonus. Easy and trouble free to grow


Berberis thunbergii 'Atropurpurea'  (2 metres) <4-5>


I am very keen on purple leaved plants even those with spines. This looks good planted in drifts of Lychnis coron. Alba. Small orange flowers in spring.


Callistemon 'Crimson Tail'  (1.5 metres) <7-9> 

"Tonghi bottlebrush". A splendid evergreen shrub from Australia. Arching stems have bright red 'bottlebrush' flowers in mid-late summer. It will grow best in a sheltered garden in full sun.  

Caryopteris 'Heavenly Blue' (1 metre) <7-9> NEW


Deep blue flowers in mid to late summer with grey leaves


Catalpa bignoides  (to 10 metres) <>


"Indian Bean Tree" with big leaves and white flowers.


Ceanothus - (up to 3 metres) <5-7>  An essential shrub; it will happily grow against walls and fences. Fast growing with evergreen glossy leaves and eye-catching blue flowers loved by bees. Requires a sunny position and any decent soil. Can be pruned immediately after flowering.


E. Ceanothus 'Puget Blue'


Small dark green leaves and deep blue flowers


E. Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 'Skylark' 


Bushy shrub with shiny mid-green leaves and dark blue flowers in spring/early summer


E. Choisya ternata    (2 metres)  <5-7>


"Mexican Orange Blossom". Compact shrub with glossy aromatic evergreen leaves. The fragrant white flowers appear from late spring onwards. A valuable addition to any garden.


Cistus <6-8>  -  "Rock Rose" or "Sun Rose", these are wonderful evergreen plants from the Mediterranean. They are therefore especially suited for dry sunny gardens where they will reward you with a striking display of white or pink flowers in summer. Trim back after flowering.


Cistus corbariensis  (100 cm) 


White flowers with yellow cetres cover this dense, dark green leaved bushy shrub.


Cistus purpureus  (100 cm)  <6-8> 


A good rounded shrub which has sticky dark green leaves and, in summer, is covered with masses of dark pink flowers


Cistus 'Sunset'  (60 cm)


Dense shrub with felty grey leaves which contrast beautifullywith purple/pink flowers in summer


E. Convolvulus cneorum  (60 cm)  <6-9>


A really beautiful shrub. The leaves are silky silver-green and evergreen. An abundance of white flowers are bourne from late spring to late sumer. Trim back after flowering.


Cornus alba 'Elegantissima' (1.5 metres)  <5-6>


"Dogwood". An excellent all year round plant. Leaves are greyish-green edged with white, the early summer flowers are white, then later there are blue-tinged white berries. Winter colour is provided by red stems. Tolerates damp conditions. Cut back 50% each year in late winter to ensure good colour in winter.  
Cornus alba 'Kesselringii'  (2 metres)  <5-6>  
 "Dogwood". Green leaves turn to reddish purple in autumn. After the leaves have fallen, dramatic purple/black stems are revealed for winter time. Tolerates damp and treat as above.  
Corokia cotoneaster  (2.5 metres)  <3-4 + later fruit>  NEW  
"Wire Netting Bush". Interlacing branches with dark green leaves and clusters of fragrant yellow flowers followed by red or yellow fruit.Ht to 2.5m  

Cotinus cog. 'Royal Purple'  <7-9> 

"Smoke Bush". A must for every garden. A deciduous shrub with rich damson/purple leaves which turn red in the autu,m. Ornamental grasses grown close by make a wonderful contrast  

Crassula sarcocaulis  (30 cm)  <7-9> 


An unusual bushy succulant with fleshy stems and an abundance of pungent pink flowers. Sells on sight! Needs a well drained soil and full sun


E. Daphne odora 'Aureomarginata' (100 cm)  <1-3>


One of the best scented shrubs one can choose. A bushy evergreen shrub with wonderfully fragrant pink flowers


E. Eleagnus ebbingii  (3 metres)  <10-11>


An extremely useful large evergreen shrub. It has silvery, leathery leaves and, in the autumn, tiny, white, beautifully scented flowers.


E. Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve'  (40 cm)  <1-12>


The longest flowering plant I know! Bushy, evergreen with narrow greyish leaves and mauve flowers

E. Escallonia  (2 metres)  <6-9>  -  Essential evergreen flowering shrubs. Dark gree glossy leaves contrast well with flowers ranging in colour from white through to red. They can be used in mixed borders or for hedging  

E. Escallonia 'Donard Radiance'


The rich dark red velvety flowers look wonderful amongst the shiny dark leaves


E. Eucalyptus pauciflora ssp. niphophila  (to 6 metres) <4-7>


"Alpine Snow Gum". The lovely pale grey bark is shed annually on this evergreen tree with blue/grey leaves. White/cream flowers from spring to mid summer. Spread from 6 - 15 metres although can be kept to size with regular pruning.  

E. Eucalyptus gunnii   (to 10 metres plus)


"Cider Gum". A fast gowing, evergreen tree with attractive foliage. Perhaps best grown in larger gardens, although this tree can be cut back regularly to create a bush. The young foliage is often used in flower arrangements.

E. Euonymus fortunii 'Emerald Gaiety'  (100 cm)


A very useful small evergreen shrub for sun or shade. Bright green leaves with a white margin turning pink in the winter months.


E. Euonymus fortunii 'Silver Queen'  (1.5 metres)


Has larger leaves than 'Emerald Gaiety' (see above). If grown against a fence or wall, it is a very good evergreen climber for a dark corner. Will grow anywhere!


E. Euonymus jap. 'Microphyllus Albovariegatus' (60 cm)


Small variegated evergreen leaves on this very slow growing small shrub


Exochorda x macrantha 'The Bride'   (2 metres)


One of the most attractive spring flowering shrubs. Pure white flowers on arching stems make a spectacular display


E. Fatsia japonica  (2 metres) <> Can also be grown indoors!


This is a striking shrub which gives a really 'jungly' feel to any garden. Large glossy leaves and showy creamy/white flowers in autumn make this a very handsome specimen plant.

 Fuchsia - Excellent plants for mid to late season flowering. We have chosen three good hardy varieties which are suitable for borders or containers. Cut down the old stems in early spring to ensure good bushy growth.  

Fuchsia 'Mrs Popple'  (1 metre) <7-10>


An upright bushy shrub with flowers of deep pink to purple.


Fuchsia magellanica 'Alba'  (2 metres)<7-10>


Light green leaves and pale pink flowers.


E. Halimocistus 'Merrist Wood Cream'   (1 metre)


A lovely small evergreen shrub for sunny borders. It has greyish green leaves and pretty creamy yellow flowers in summer


E. Hebe - Good evergreen shrubs suitable for most gardens. Easy to maintain and generally trouble free. A light trim after flowering will prevent them from becoming too 'woody'.


Hebe astonii 'Purple Queen' (1 metre) <6-11>


Purple coloured glossy leaves and dark purple flowers; quite a favourite!


Hebe 'Great Orme'  (1 metre) <6-10>


Glossy mid green leaves and large pretty pink flowers

Hebe 'Margret' (60 cm) <6-8> NEW AGM 
Dark evergreen leaves with spikes of blue flowers. Good for small gardens and containers.  
 Hebe rakiensis  (60 cm) <5-7>


A good rounded shrub, small apple green leaves and white flowers in summer


Hebe topiaria  (60 cm) <5-7>


Greyish green leaves with small white flowers in summer.


E.Hedera - various varieties

 Various varieties of variegated ivy.  
E. Helichrysum italicum (60 cm) <7-9> NEW  AGM
 "Curry Plant". Strongly aromatic silver leaved shrub with yellow flowers  

Humulus lupulus 'Aureus' (4 meters) <7-9>


Golden leaved Hop. A vigorous climber with golden yellow foliage, useful for scrambling through trees. F;lowers can be dried for beer making!


Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' (2 metres) <8-10>


Maginificent dreamy white flower heads up to 20cm across. An excellent Hydrangea for a shady place.


Hydrangea macrophylla 'Blue Wave' (120 cm) <8-10>


A good rounded deciduous shrub with stunning autumn leaf colours. Very floriferous lace cap heads.


Hydrangea paniculata 'Unique' (2 metres) <8-10>


Superb large creamy white flowers fading to pink on this strong growing upright deciduous shrub.

Hydrangea 'Colour Fantasy'   (1 metre) <8-10>  

Rarely available! Sumptuous deep pink mop head flowers. The leaves turn a rich red in autumn.


SE. Hypericum olympicum    (30 cm)  <5-9>


A very slow growing dwarf semi-evergreen  shrub suitable for the front of a border or a rockery. Pale lemon flowers from mid to late summer.


Jasminum nudiflorum (3 metres) <12-3>


The well known yellow flowered Winter Jasmine which brightens up dark corners throughout the winter months.


Jasminum officinale  (6 metres) <6-9>


Summer Jasmine. Vigorous twining deciduous climber with very fragrant white flowers from mid to late summer


Lathyrus latifolius  (2 metres)


"Everlasting Sweet Pea". Vigorous perennial climbing sweet pea for fences or walls in sunny places


E. Laurus nobilis  (5 metres)


"Bay Tree". Handsome evergreen, grown for its aromatic leaves used in soups and stews. Prefers shelter from cold winds. Can be trimmed to interesting shapes!

 E. Lavender <6-9> - A favourite of many people, it has many uses - as low hedging, for scent, to attract bees, for use as a dried flower. All lavenders need to grow in full sun in a fairly dry soil. Pruning is important to keep the plants bushy - prune after flowering and again in the spring  

E. Lavandula angustifolia 'Hidcote'


Very popular dwarf shrub with dark purple flowers.


E. Lavandula a. 'Munstead' 


Somewhat bigger than some lavenders with lilac/purple flowers.


E. Lavandula 'Vera'


Pale lavender coloured flowers on long stems.


E. Lavandula x intermedia 'Grappenhall'


Silvery leaves and bluish/purple flowers.


Leycesteria formosa  (2 metres) <6-8>


A very adaptable upright shrub which will happily grow in sun or shade. White flowers are followed by dark red berries.


Lonicera fragrantissima (2 metres) <11-3> 


A shrubby honeysuckle with deliciously scented creamy white flowers in winter. A bushy deciduous shrub which is very easy to grow.


SE. Lonicera japonica 'Halliana' (5 metres) <6-8>


A vigorous, semi-evergreen climber with twining stems. The scented white flowers fade to yellow.


E. Lonicera japonica 'Hall's Prolific'  (4 metres) <7-9>


An evergreen honeysuckle with strongly scented white flowers in late summer.


E. Lonicera nitida 'Baggesen's Gold'  (3 metres)


Bushy evergreen. Useful for hedging or topiary


Lonicera 'Serotina'  (4 metres) <6-9>


Vigorous deciduous climber with dark green, almost purple leaves. The flowers are white and reddish purple.


E. Lotus hirsutus  (60 cm) <6-9>


An attractive small evergreen shrub for sunny, dry palces. Silver/grey leaves and pea-like pinky white flowers.


E. Mahonia 'Charity'  (3 metres)  <11-2>  NEW  AGM
An erect shrub with dark green leaves, sharply toothed. Bright yellow fragrant flowers in dense arching clusters from late autumn to late winter.  

Melianthus major


Although fully not hardy, this is such a wonderful shrub it is worth every bit of extra care. Large exotic blue/grey leaves give off an almond scent when touched. If grown in a pot, it can be easily over wintered in a cold greenhouse or similar.


SE. Nandina domestica   (2 metres) <7-9>


One of the most beautiful and elegant shrubs we grow. Semi-evergreen, attractively coloured leaves, white frothy flowers and a pleasing shape. 


E. Nandina domestica 'Firepower'


Very slow growing evergreen shrub with very colourful leaves most of the year. Ideal for small gardens or a container.


E. Ozothamnus hookeri   (60 cm) <6-9>


An attractive foliage plant, rarely offered. Small, compact habit and dark green/grey leaves. Small creamy white, frothy flowers.


Perovskia 'Blue Spire' (80 cm) <6-9> NEW


Lovely mid bluey/purple flower spikes all summer with silvery grey leaves.


Philadelphus 'Mantea d'Hermine'  (1 metre)  <5-6>


 "Mock Orange". Perhaps the best scented shrub in early summer. A compact deciduous shrub with deliciously fragrant white flowers  
E. Photinia 'Red Robin'  (2 metres)  <5-6>  

The new young leaves on this plant are bright red, then turn a glossy green. A bold upright evergreen shrub for sun or semi-shade.

Physocarpus 'Diablo'  (2 metres)  <6-7>  

A medium sized deciduous shrub with wonderful dark chocolate coloured leaves. Clusters of pink tinged white flowers are  a wonderful bonus.

Physocarpus 'Darts Gold'    (2 metres)  <6-7>


Golden coloured leaves and white flowers. P. 'Diablo' grown next to this gives a dramatic contrast.


E. Pittosporum 'Abbotsbury Gold'  (2 metres) <5-6>

An excellent evergreen shrub much used by flower arrangers. Small, wavy edged green leaves with a yellow splash. Tiny dark red scented flowers.  

E. Pittosporum 'Garnettii'   (2 metres) <4-5>


Slightly tender but well worth growing, this evergreen shrub has greyish green leaves with pink marked, creamy white edges. Fragrant dark blue flowers in spring.  
Potentilla - (60-100 cm) <6-10>  Small deciduous shrubs suitable for sunny places in any garden. They flower for weeks and weeks and need very little attention.  

Potentilla 'Annette' 

Rarely offered. The flowers are egg-yolk yellow with dashes of red.  

Potentilla 'Pink Beauty' 


Used to be called 'Lovely Pink'. A very pretty pale pink flowering potentilla with greyish green leaves.  

Potentilla 'Pretty Pink' 

Very similar to P. 'Pink Beauty' (above). It is a very popular plant with our customers.  
Potentilla 'Primrose Beauty'   
Beautiful pale lemon coloured flowers and greyish green leaves  

Potentilla 'Tilford Cream'


This Potentilla has lovely creamy coloured flowers.


E. Prunus laurocerasus   (to 6 metres) <5-6>


"Cherry Laurel". Large, leathery, glossy evergreen leaves on a bushy shrub. Often used for hedging.


E. Prunus lusitanica  (to 8 metres) <5-6>


 "Portugal Laurel". Fast growing bushy evergreen shrub with dark green glossy leaves. Fragrant white flowers.  

E. Prunus lusitanica 'Variegata'   (to 5 metres) <5-6>


Very useful variegated evergreen shrub ( see above). In this case the leaves have white margins.


E. Pyracantha 'Orange Glow'   (3 metres) <5-6>


A spiny shrub with white flowers followed (in autumn) bydeep oranf berries. Often trained against a wall or fence. Mind those spikes!!


Pyracantha 'Red Column'    (3 metres) <5-6>


An upright shrub which has clusters of white flowers folled by bright red berries.


Rosmarinus 'Capri' (60 cm)


Rosemary with pale green aromatic leaves and dark blue flowers.

Rosmarinus 'Miss Jessop's Upright'  (1 metre)  

A fast growing upright Rosemary with pale blue flowers.

Rosmarinus 'Tuscan Blue'    (1 metre)  

Also upright, this Rosemary has dark blue flowers.

Salix - Willow. We have a number of different willows. They all have significant features and we love them all because they do so well in our moisture retentive clay soil. Not all grow into large trees and are therefore suitable for 'normal' sized gardens. All can be cut back as required and this also encourages colour in the stems for winter interest.  
Salix 'Dart's Snake'  (5 metres)  

An upright contorted Willow with dark stems

Salix alba 'Britzensis'


Colourful red stems in winter

Salix alba serica  (5 metres)


A lovely silver leaved bushy Willow.

Salix alba vitellina


Bright orange winter colour stems; cut back in late winter to develpo the best colouration.

Salix daphnoides  (5 metres)


"Violet Willow". Dark purple stems and silky, silver catkins.

Salix elaeagnos  (4 metres)  AGM

"Hoary Willow". Large bushy habit with reddish stems and slender dark green leaves


Salix exigua  (5 metres)


"Coyote Willow". One of our favourites. Upright habit and narrow silky slender leaves


Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys'  (2 metres)


Another favourite. This one is bushy and shrub-like with dramatic black catkins in winter


Salix hookeriana  (6 metres)


A fast growing tree with the largest catkins ever seen! The bees adore it! Felty grey leaves.


Salix purpurea 'Nancy Saunders'.  (5 metres)


Has a slender, elegant habit. Narrow grey/green leaves, purple/red young stems

Salix viminalis  

We use this one for willow weaving. If you want to buy some stems, they are availabe from November to January. Ask for quote


Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem'  (2 metres)  <6-9>


An upright suckering  but very attractive shrub with white flowers


Spirea 'Arguta'  (2 metres)  <4-6>


"Bridal Wreath". A most attractive spring flowering deciduous shrub. The arching stems become covered in dainty white flowers.


Spirea jap. 'Goldflame'    (75 cm)  <6-8>


Brightly coloured young yellow leaves and dark pink flowers.


Spirea jap. 'Little Princess'   (60 cm)  <6-8>


With a neat habit, this shrub is ideal for smaller gardens. Small green leavesand pretty pink flowers.


Tamarix tetranda  (3 metres)  <5-7>


A fast growing large shrub which has pretty pink flowers.


Viburnum X bodnantense 'Dawn'  (2.5 metres)  <11-2>


One of the best winter flowering shrubs. It has very fragrant pink clusters of flowers.


Viburnum farreri 'Nanum'  (1 metre)  <11-2>


A neat and compact deciduous shrub. Small scented pinky white flowers through the winter months


Weigela florida 'Variegata'  (2 metres)  <5-7> 


A medium sized deciduous shrub with white margined leaves and pale pink flowers.


E. Yucca gloriosa 'Variegata'  (1.5 metres)  <7-9>


"Spanish Dagger". Spikey tipped variegated sword shaped leaves, coloured yellow and green. White bell shaped flowers in summer.