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E. Mahonia 'Charity'  (3 metres)  <11-2>  NEW  AGM
An erect shrub with dark green leaves, sharply toothed. Bright yellow fragrant flowers in dense arching clusters from late autumn to late winter.  

Melianthus major


Although fully not hardy, this is such a wonderful shrub it is worth every bit of extra care. Large exotic blue/grey leaves give off an almond scent when touched. If grown in a pot, it can be easily over wintered in a cold greenhouse or similar.


SE. Nandina domestica   (2 metres) <7-9>


One of the most beautiful and elegant shrubs we grow. Semi-evergreen, attractively coloured leaves, white frothy flowers and a pleasing shape. 


E. Nandina domestica 'Firepower'


Very slow growing evergreen shrub with very colourful leaves most of the year. Ideal for small gardens or a container.


E. Ozothamnus hookeri   (60 cm) <6-9>


An attractive foliage plant, rarely offered. Small, compact habit and dark green/grey leaves. Small creamy white, frothy flowers.


Perovskia 'Blue Spire' (80 cm) <6-9> NEW


Lovely mid bluey/purple flower spikes all summer with silvery grey leaves.


Philadelphus 'Mantea d'Hermine'  (1 metre)  <5-6>


 "Mock Orange". Perhaps the best scented shrub in early summer. A compact deciduous shrub with deliciously fragrant white flowers  
E. Photinia 'Red Robin'  (2 metres)  <5-6>  

The new young leaves on this plant are bright red, then turn a glossy green. A bold upright evergreen shrub for sun or semi-shade.

Physocarpus 'Diablo'  (2 metres)  <6-7>  

A medium sized deciduous shrub with wonderful dark chocolate coloured leaves. Clusters of pink tinged white flowers are  a wonderful bonus.

Physocarpus 'Darts Gold'    (2 metres)  <6-7>


Golden coloured leaves and white flowers. P. 'Diablo' grown next to this gives a dramatic contrast.


E. Pittosporum 'Abbotsbury Gold'  (2 metres) <5-6>

An excellent evergreen shrub much used by flower arrangers. Small, wavy edged green leaves with a yellow splash. Tiny dark red scented flowers.  

E. Pittosporum 'Garnettii'   (2 metres) <4-5>


Slightly tender but well worth growing, this evergreen shrub has greyish green leaves with pink marked, creamy white edges. Fragrant dark blue flowers in spring.  
Potentilla - (60-100 cm) <6-10>  Small deciduous shrubs suitable for sunny places in any garden. They flower for weeks and weeks and need very little attention.  

Potentilla 'Annette' 

Rarely offered. The flowers are egg-yolk yellow with dashes of red.  

Potentilla 'Pink Beauty' 


Used to be called 'Lovely Pink'. A very pretty pale pink flowering potentilla with greyish green leaves.  

Potentilla 'Pretty Pink' 

Very similar to P. 'Pink Beauty' (above). It is a very popular plant with our customers.  
Potentilla 'Primrose Beauty'   
Beautiful pale lemon coloured flowers and greyish green leaves  

Potentilla 'Tilford Cream'


This Potentilla has lovely creamy coloured flowers.


E. Prunus laurocerasus   (to 6 metres) <5-6>


"Cherry Laurel". Large, leathery, glossy evergreen leaves on a bushy shrub. Often used for hedging.


E. Prunus lusitanica  (to 8 metres) <5-6>


 "Portugal Laurel". Fast growing bushy evergreen shrub with dark green glossy leaves. Fragrant white flowers.  

E. Prunus lusitanica 'Variegata'   (to 5 metres) <5-6>


Very useful variegated evergreen shrub ( see above). In this case the leaves have white margins.


E. Pyracantha 'Orange Glow'   (3 metres) <5-6>


A spiny shrub with white flowers followed (in autumn) bydeep oranf berries. Often trained against a wall or fence. Mind those spikes!!


Pyracantha 'Red Column'    (3 metres) <5-6>


An upright shrub which has clusters of white flowers folled by bright red berries.


Rosmarinus 'Capri' (60 cm)


Rosemary with pale green aromatic leaves and dark blue flowers.

Rosmarinus 'Miss Jessop's Upright'  (1 metre)  

A fast growing upright Rosemary with pale blue flowers.

Rosmarinus 'Tuscan Blue'    (1 metre)  

Also upright, this Rosemary has dark blue flowers.

Salix - Willow. We have a number of different willows. They all have significant features and we love them all because they do so well in our moisture retentive clay soil. Not all grow into large trees and are therefore suitable for 'normal' sized gardens. All can be cut back as required and this also encourages colour in the stems for winter interest.  
Salix 'Dart's Snake'  (5 metres)  

An upright contorted Willow with dark stems

Salix alba 'Britzensis'


Colourful red stems in winter

Salix alba serica  (5 metres)


A lovely silver leaved bushy Willow.

Salix alba vitellina


Bright orange winter colour stems; cut back in late winter to develpo the best colouration.

Salix daphnoides  (5 metres)


"Violet Willow". Dark purple stems and silky, silver catkins.

Salix elaeagnos  (4 metres)  AGM

"Hoary Willow". Large bushy habit with reddish stems and slender dark green leaves


Salix exigua  (5 metres)


"Coyote Willow". One of our favourites. Upright habit and narrow silky slender leaves


Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys'  (2 metres)


Another favourite. This one is bushy and shrub-like with dramatic black catkins in winter


Salix hookeriana  (6 metres)


A fast growing tree with the largest catkins ever seen! The bees adore it! Felty grey leaves.


Salix purpurea 'Nancy Saunders'.  (5 metres)


Has a slender, elegant habit. Narrow grey/green leaves, purple/red young stems

Salix viminalis  

We use this one for willow weaving. If you want to buy some stems, they are availabe from November to January. Ask for quote


Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem'  (2 metres)  <6-9>


An upright suckering  but very attractive shrub with white flowers


Spirea 'Arguta'  (2 metres)  <4-6>


"Bridal Wreath". A most attractive spring flowering deciduous shrub. The arching stems become covered in dainty white flowers.


Spirea jap. 'Goldflame'    (75 cm)  <6-8>


Brightly coloured young yellow leaves and dark pink flowers.


Spirea jap. 'Little Princess'   (60 cm)  <6-8>


With a neat habit, this shrub is ideal for smaller gardens. Small green leavesand pretty pink flowers.


Tamarix tetranda  (3 metres)  <5-7>


A fast growing large shrub which has pretty pink flowers.


Viburnum X bodnantense 'Dawn'  (2.5 metres)  <11-2>


One of the best winter flowering shrubs. It has very fragrant pink clusters of flowers.


Viburnum farreri 'Nanum'  (1 metre)  <11-2>


A neat and compact deciduous shrub. Small scented pinky white flowers through the winter months


Weigela florida 'Variegata'  (2 metres)  <5-7> 


A medium sized deciduous shrub with white margined leaves and pale pink flowers.


E. Yucca gloriosa 'Variegata'  (1.5 metres)  <7-9>


"Spanish Dagger". Spikey tipped variegated sword shaped leaves, coloured yellow and green. White bell shaped flowers in summer.