1. AGM Indicates plant has been trialed by the Royal Horticultural Society and is deemed “garden worthy”  and a generally good all round plant.
  2. Plants new to us this year are shown with NEW against the name .
  3. Heights are given in centimetres after the name in brackets thus (120) or in metres and are the likely heights at 5 years. To convert to ‘old fashioned units’: 30 cm approx = 1 foot, 90 cm = 3 feet etc.

Bamboos will add a real touch of beauty with their slender stems bending to the wind and rustling leaves. Many people believe that all Bamboos are “runners” and take over the garden; while some no doubt are, many that we sell are reliably clump-forming and are therefore suitable for nearly all situations.  Our bamboos range in height from dwarf to large!  Most bamboos will happily grow in a pot, which means no garden need be without these touches of the exotic. We are always available to give genuine advice – we want you to be happy with your plants!

 Plant Name/Description

(5L) Chusquea culeou.  (5 metres) AGM
 A very hardy small leaved bamboo from South America, forms a nice tight clump.
Fargesia group these are all reliably clump-forming bamboos. With small and delicate leaves, they are very useful for small or medium sized gardens. Grow them in the ground or in containers. If given their ideal conditions of shelter from strong winds and dappled shade, they will reward you with lush, evergreen elegance.  
(3L) Fargesia dracocephela  (2 metres) AGM
Upright culms (canes) and darker leaves than many of the Fargesias. Very hardy and good in sun.
(3L) Fargesia murieliae  (3-4 metres) AGM
“Fountain bamboo”. Lovely tall growth with delightfully arching stems – hence its name! Note: any obtrusive culms may be cut right out.  
(2L) Fargesia murieliae ‘Simba’  (1.2 to 2 metres) This is a very compact, rather slow growing, clump forming bamboo which only grows to about 6 feet so is ideal for very small gardens.  
(5L) Fargesia robusta  (4 metres plus)
This one has a lovely upright shape and habit. It makes quite a statement. The new culms are particularly attractive in late spring – early summer.
(3L) Fargesia rufa  (2.5 meters)
One of our favourites. This has delicate arching foliage and pinky/orange sheaths
(5L) X-Hibanobambusa tranquillans (2 to 3 metres)
An exceptionally useful Bamboo for screening unsightly views!. It has handsome large green leaves giving this a really tropical feel.
(3L) X-Hibanobambusa tranquillans ‘Shiroshima’ (2 to 3 metres)
Bold white variegation on very large leaves. This spreading Bamboo will lighten any dark corner. Very tough!
Phyllostachys group – This group of plants are generally big, bold and beautiful. Many of them have colourful culms and vigorous growth. Plenty of space is needed or a large container. They are incredibly resilient and will grow in poor soil and exposed conditions. But if given good soil and a little shelter, will positively romp away.
(5L) Phyllostachys aurea   (to 5 metres) AGM
This wonderful stately Bamboo has yellowy green leaves and culms. It is a slow spreader and will grow to a good height.
(5L) Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Aureocaulis’   (5 metres)  AGM
The stems are egg-yellow, the leaves glossy green. If grown with P. nigra, the contrasts have quite an impact.
(5L) Phyllostachys aureosulcata ‘Spectabilis’  (5 metres)  AGM
A favourite of ours. New growths are burnished copper in colour and age to yellowy stems with a green groove. There is slight variegation in the leaves. It looks handsome and striking wherever it is grown.  
(5L) Phyllostachy bissetii (to 5 metres+)  
Very fast growing and spreading, this Bamboo has the glossiest of leaves all year on strong green stems. Looks fantastic all year  
(3L) Phyllostachys nigra  (to 5 metres) AGM 
“Black Bamboo”. Probably the most popular of all the Bamboos for its dramatic black stems which colour up in the second year of growth and its dark glossy leaves.  
(5L) Phyllostachys viridiglaucescens  (5 metres)  AGM
Another green Bamboo with leaves that shine in the sun. Although it is not as vigorous as P. bissetii, it looks wonderful grown as a specimen plant.  
(5L) Phyllostachys vivax ‘Aureocaulis’  (5 metres)  
Another big Phyllostachys, this one has striking gold culms with a thin green vertical stripe and is excellent as a specimen plant  
Pleioblastus a group of smaller Bamboos which can be grown in the perennial border or in patio pots. All can be trimmed in early spring to promote the best colour from new leaves which tend to come from the base each year. They do spread – but slowly and very slowly in clay soils. They are all very tough and happily withstand the cold.  
(2L) Pleioblastus auricomus.   (100 cm)  AGM
With striking gold variegation, this little beauty enjoys full sun.  
(2L) Pleioblastus pygmeus   (75 cm)  
A real dwarf one with small green leaves, perhaps best suited for containers, slowly spreading.  
(2L) Pleioblastus shibuyanus ‘Tsuboi’  ( to 1.2 metres max)  
A small Bamboo with creamy/white variegated leaves.  
(2L) Pleioblastus variegatus   (100 cm)  AGM
 Somewhat similar to P. auricomus, this dwarf, slowly spreading bamboo has silver variegation. Ht 60cm  
(5L) Pseudosasa japonica  (to 6 metres)  AGM
A very stately, imposing plant with nice large, very dark green leaves. It will spread and eventually form a thicket; it is therefore highly desirable if you want to create a jungly feel to the garden.  
(5L) Sasa palmata nebulosa   (to 2.5 metres)  
A vigorous, large leaved Bamboo which can spread and form a dense thicket in time. We do not find it too much of a ‘runner’ on our clay soil. Best grown in open ground and therefore not recommended for small gardens.  
(2L) Shibataea kumasasa    (100 cm)  
A low growing, slow spreading Bamboo with broad rounded leaves. Good in borders. Tough and can take full sun. Can be trimmed to shape and encourage new growth.  
(5L) Thamnocalamus ‘Kew Beauty’   (4 – 5 metres)  
Leaving the best ’til last! This is a really beautifully elegant small leaves, clump forming Bamboo. Highly recommended although it needs a sheltered site out of strong cold winds.  


Athyrium nippomicum var. pictum  (30-40 cm)  AGM
“Japanese Painted Fern”. Good in damp conditions  
NEW Cyrtomium falcatum  (60 cm)  AGM
“Japanese Holly Fern” Dark green glossy leaves.  
Dryopteris erythrosora  (60 cm)  AGM
“Autumn Fern”. Evergreen with reddish leathery fronds – for shade  
Dryopteris sieboldii  
“Japanese Fern”. Pale geen triangular fronds-for moist or dry shade  
Matteuccia struthiopteris  (up to 1.6 metres)  AGM
Pale fronds unfurl in spring to form tight  “shuttlecocks”.  
Osmunda regalis   AGM
The “Royal Fern”. Requires moist but not wet soil and winter protection.  
Polypodium vulgare   (60 cm)  
“Common Polypody” Evergreen native creeping fern.  
Polystichum polyblepharum   (1.2 metres)  AGM
“Japanese Tassel Fern”, needs well drained soil.  
Polystichum proliferum   (1.2 metres)  
“Shuttlecock Fern”, dark green, hardy but protect from winter wet.  
Polystichum setiferum divisilobum    
A hardy fern for shady places