AGM. Indicates the plant has been trialled by the Royal Horticultural Society and is deemed “garden worthy” and generally a good all-round plant.
Plants new to us this year are shown with NEW against the name
Heights are given in centimetres or metres after the name in brackets thus: (75 cm) or (1.5 metres) and are the likely height after 5 years. To convert to ‘old fashioned’ units: 30 cm = 1 foot approx, 90 cm = 3 feet approx.
Flowering times are given by month thus: <3-5>, i.e. March-May; however this is variable and depends on the season and other climatic factors.
Evergreen shrubs will have an ‘E’ immediately before the name, semi-evergreen being shown by ‘SE’

Shrubs add structure to the garden and provide cover and nest sites for birds and small mammals. We have a range of deciduous, evergreen and scented shrubs to suit any garden

Plant Name/Description

All gardens should have one of these beautiful shrubs. Small leaves are glossy dark green with clusters of white flowers on gracefully arching stems make this a wonderful flowering shrub.

Abelia ‘sherwoodii’ Beautiful semi-evergreen medium size shrub. White flowers in late summer


SE. Akebia quinata – Climber

Semi-evergreen twining climber with fragrant purple flowers

Amelanchier lamarckii (3 metres) <3-4> NEW AGM
One of the best shrubs available. Pretty white spring blossom and good autumn colour

Berberis thunbergii ‘Atropurpurea’  (2 metres) <4-5>

I am very keen on purple leaved plants even those with spines. This looks good planted in drifts of Lychnis coron. Alba. Small orange flowers in spring.

Callistemon ‘Crimson Tail’  (1.5 metres) <7-9> 

Tonghi bottlebrush“. A splendid evergreen shrub from Australia. Arching stems have bright red ‘bottlebrush’ flowers in mid-late summer. It will grow best in a sheltered garden in full sun.

Caryopteris ‘Heavenly Blue’ (1 metre) <7-9> NEW

Deep blue flowers in mid to late summer with grey leaves

E. Choisya ternata    (2 metres)  <5-7>


Mexican Orange Blossom“. Compact shrub with glossy aromatic evergreen leaves. The fragrant white flowers appear from late spring onwards. A valuable addition to any garden.

Cistus <6-8>  –  “Rock Rose” or “Sun Rose”, these are wonderful evergreen plants from the Mediterranean. They are therefore especially suited for dry sunny gardens where they will reward you with a striking display of white or pink flowers in summer. Trim back after flowering.

E. Convolvulus cneorum  (60 cm)  <6-9>


A really beautiful shrub. The leaves are silky silver-green and evergreen. An abundance of white flowers are bourne from late spring to late sumer. Trim back after flowering.

Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’ (1.5 metres)  <5-6>


Dogwood“. An excellent all year round plant. Leaves are greyish-green edged with white, the early summer flowers are white, then later there are blue-tinged white berries. Winter colour is provided by red stems. Tolerates damp conditions. Cut back 50% each year in late winter to ensure good colour in winter.

Crassula sarcocaulis  (30 cm)  <7-9> 

An unusual bushy succulant with fleshy stems and an abundance of pungent pink flowers. Sells on sight! Needs a well drained soil and full sun

E. Eleagnus ebbingii  (3 metres)  <10-11>


An extremely useful large evergreen shrub. It has silvery, leathery leaves and, in the autumn, tiny, white, beautifully scented flowers.

E. Erysimum ‘Bowles Mauve’  (40 cm)  <1-12>

The longest flowering plant I know! Bushy, evergreen with narrow greyish leaves and mauve flowers

E. Euonymus fortunii ‘Emerald Gaiety’  (100 cm)


A very useful small evergreen shrub for sun or shade. Bright green leaves with a white margin turning pink in the winter months.

E. Euonymus fortunii ‘Silver Queen’  (1.5 metres)


Has larger leaves than ‘Emerald Gaiety’ (see above). If grown against a fence or wall, it is a very good evergreen climber for a dark corner. Will grow anywhere!