One frustrated gardener has had to find something to do which can’t be gardening because the ground is too wet and claggy. So, armed with secateurs, loppers, a rake and fairly thorn resistant gloves, I have been going to the south/east corner of our plot to de-bramble the space where they are gradually taking more and more of the ground. It is quite a satisfying job to do (when little else can be done) although rather risky because how ever careful I am to avoid the thorns I soon end up with bleeding hands. So far we have made two large heaps of prickly stems which were burnt very successfully yesterday. The space we’ve cleared is roughly equal to the size of our back garden at home (admittedly it is a small abck garden). But it is veerey pleasing to know that the brambles won’t be gaining more space next year. As we work along the hedgeline it will become more challenging because there is a considerable quantity of blackthorn to try to control.

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