Today I removed 3 barrow loads of Verbena bonariensis from just one border. Now there’s plenty of potential to plant new plants. We’ve dug over some of the area, although it was extremely hard work, the ground is still very, very dry in spite of all the rain we’ve had in the last few days. Next we added several barrows of compost which will gradually work its way into the hard clay soil. Now I have decisions to make about what plants to add. I may increase the number of Erigeron ‘Dignity’ which flowers for ages, and I might plant some marigolds in front of them. I like the idea of orange and purple together. There are already some Iris sibirica in this border and, again, I will probably add in some more. It might be a mistake but I am thinking of adding some Carex dipsacea which will be in keeping with the orange/purple theme, my hesitancy is due to the fact that they do self seed rather a lot and I do get annoyed at all the self-seeding plants I already have everywhere.

I can think about all this for a day or so because tomorrow looks as if it will be wet all day.

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  • October 19, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    I have been using a fair bit of orange, both hard and softer shades in recent years. A huge almost double Dahlia hybrid at 2m tall has been one such of a softer orange-red, with bronzed cut leaves – my own seedling. Plus Cosmos sulphurous – seeds saved over several years. I’ve also been using a lot more annuals. Tagetes patula CINNABAR was stunning, if a bit short-lived. Seeds came from Great Dixter, where they are trying to select taller seedlings, as am I.

    Great to actually meet again on Thursday. Your garden and nursery were stunning in the fine sunny, day and autumn light.

    Not sure I know the erigeron you mention. I must look it up.


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