I have checked daily to see if any garlic is sprouting. First to show through is Solent Wight but within days they are all showing signs of growth. We have had to put a spacer under the netting (in other words an up-turned pot or two) to prevent the new shoots getting tangled in the netting. In another few days I will feel fairly confident about removing the protection so when Mr rabbit comes along he won’t do too much damage.

Meanwhile. in the polytunnel, there is a very strong whiff of garlic. This is where we are trying to ‘cook’ some  bulbs to produce the black garlic. The first two tries were unsuccessful, the bulbs dried out too quickly. Back to the drawing board. One batch is looking quite promising but it is a long process and not one which anyone would want to do at home because of the pungency of the bulbs. As soon as we have some ready to taste we will be offering samples so you can try it for yourselves.

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