Last year, in August the cover of the main polytunnel had a tear along the hoop just above the door. Philip went up the ladder and stuck sticky tape on and patched it for the time being.  Over the next few months we had to repair the repair but it was fine until storm Doris came along and finished it off. We’ve had the new cover  ready to go on but were waiting for the right weather. On Thursday it was calm and warm. With help from Chris, Archie and John it was covered and batoned  down by early afternoon. It’s not one of our favourite jobs but this will probably be the last time we have to do it. Now I can move all my potting paraphernalia from the other tunnel to my normal place AND have the radio on while I work.

Meanwhile, the warmth has meant that many things are flowering earlier than last year and it is suddenly very dry. I’m having to water pots and am instantly reminded how much I hate this repetitive but necessary job. I noticed that an old Rosa Hansa is definitely dying and will have to come out. I’ve already cut out a few dead branches over the last year or two but there’s no sign of new growth so it will have to go. Now I will have the pleasure of deciding what to plant in its’ place.

The garlic is growing well. I’ve hoed the weeds which have inevitably popped up in the new topsoil. Mr Rabbit keeps having a dig and I keep pushing the soil back. Is this some kind of challenge?


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