We are nearly through the Easter weekend and predictably the weather has been pretty grim. Cloudy, cool and damp, not ideal for people to wander around in a leisurely fashion. But then not many plants are ready for sale or I’m nervous about putting them outside in case we get more frosts. Unlike the garden centres we actually grow the plants on site, or put it another way we don’t have lorry loads of soft grown plants coming from heated glasshouse on the continent. There were a fair few plant buying customers today which was good but I suspect that tomorrow will be quiet because the weather forecast is not good.

I’m continually potting and taking cuttings at the moment. Quite a few of the seeds that Lisa sowed when she was here have now germinated and will need transplanting soon. Not a job I like, its too fiddly for my liking. The frosts we had earlier in the week have damaged some plants including Bergenia which now has brown flowers rather than the delicate pink which were looking so good. The two pepper plants I bought last week have similarly been hammered by frost. I was a bit surprised to see that the Persicaria Red Dragon (in the polytunnel) has also now got brown rather than red leaves.

While driving around it seems that, as often happens, many Magnolias have been frosted, such a shame because they are so beautiful when in their full glory.

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