Following on from the last post I can now see that the weather so far has not been good for my spirits. It has been mostly grey and cloudy, there has been a lot of rain and then there is the wind….on the night of 17th/18th the winds were extremely fierce and I woke up to find that the main polytunnel cover had ripped beyond repair. It had been on for less than a year. This is quite soul destroying, not only do we have the faff of putting a new cover on (not until it’s warmer) but there is all the moving of potting equipment and those slightly tender plants to the other tunnel. There is no electricity to this other tunnel so I can’t have the radio on while I do the potting.

There have been a handful of days when the weather has been better so I’ve taken the opportunity to work outside. The ground is squelchy and very soft but I have cut down some of the grasses and also a huge dead branch from the middle of one of the willows. Lots of lovely dead wood to get the bonfire going. Any work done was severely restricted because we both went down with flu in the middle of the month, maybe not as bad as some people but it meant we weren’t well enough to do anything much.

I need to do some more planting but the long term forecast is not very promising and the next week looks as if it will be very cold with maybe some more snow. On the up side the snowdrops are mostly through and the days are very gradually lengthening.

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