If I say that I’ve done a lot of reading in the last few days that might be a clue to how hot it is at the moment. A pattern has developed where I get the watering done as soon as possible. The tunnels get done first because it quickly becomes unbearable to be inside them. The thermometer has been as high as 42 degrees c. I water the plants and give myself a spray from time to time. I drag the hose as necessary (why does it choose to get tangled when I’m in a hurry?) from one area to the next and have a rest at some point for a drink of water.

When the watering is finished I grab my book, a cushion for the chair and settle down in the shade of the willow hedge. This gives me a chance to see anyone who is foolish enough to come and buy plants and I’m close to all other facilities.

Yesterday afternoon I did make myself venture into the garden to pull some weeds and cut back a few shrubs in shady areas. There was a wheelbarrow full in quite a short time. There really is a lot to do when the weather becomes a bit cooler which could be from tomorrow. It does feel slightly like I’m playing truant by not beavering away like I normally do but this weather doesn’t suit me although I can remember when I was younger that I would lie out and soak up the sun at every opportunity.

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