I know, you’re right, I’ve rather abandoned writing here for a long time but, hey, I’m back now and will do a brief catch-up.

The follow up regarding compost-gate is that I was eventually paid the sum which I considered to be a reasonable amount to cover lost time and lost sales. Unfortunately this whole event has left me feeling somewhat wary of using peat-free compost for the time being. Believe it or not, I’m still re-potting some plants which have not grown significantly for 3 months (this is mainly because I’m mean and can’t bear to throw plants away). If customers were interested in buying peat-free grown plants then I would rush to order some but, in all the years I’ve been growing and selling plants I’ve yet to be asked what growing medium I use.

Although there has been some rain, the ground is still quite dry and it’s been possible to get a lot of gardening done over the last few weeks. I’ve removed barrow loads of verbena, most of the asters are now cut down and some of the clumps have been reduced in size. I have dug up some plants which I don’t like so much anymore including some sanguisorbia and some geraniums. Also dug out a weigelia which had never grown well and I’d had on mind to remove for the last five years. This has given me an opportunity to plant some new plants and to move other things to fresh places. Due to the continuing problem with rabbits I am having to put little guards round everything to avoid having them dug up. Hopefully I shall be able to remove these protective bits of plastic next spring. I hardly think that anyone would like to see a garden full of black mesh.

I’m quite excited with the 5 new salvias I have bought recently. I’ve already taken cuttings from some of them and I’m hoping there will be lots for sale next year. Lots of other plants are being split up and potted into small pots initially then, when there is a decent root system, they will get potted into larger pots ready for sale.

Himself has been dismantling the rotting compost bins and has re-built three of them, the others an wait until they are empty, He has also re-place the rotting wood on one of the plant display benches. There’s always plenty to do at this time of year while the weather is reasonable which it is right now although it’s supposed to be getting colder next week.

In spite of the extremes with the weather this year……too wet, little or no spring and then too hot and too dry for too long…..we have had better sales than last year and have taken more money for the National Garden Scheme than last year which is quite unexpected. So we won’t go hungry this winter!

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