It’s that time of year again when my fairy godmother leaves a present of new varieties of snowdrops which I discover when I arrive at work. It’s a good way to start the day by opening up the bag to find carefully labelled bulbs. So I planted some in the woods and potted some up too, all with labels. The trouble is that sometimes these markers get lost or broken or the writing fades. The snowdrop fairy also encloses some photos so I have started to note where I plant the bulbs so, in theory I should always know what is where (if you see what I mean).

Some of the snowdrops which I potted up last year had grown well so I planted some of them and re-potted others. I’m getting quite a collection now but  I’m keen to have more. I’ve recently been helping a friend in her garden which has many clumps of snowdrops. My ‘payment’ is in snowdrops.

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