The conditions for gardening have been ideal during the last few days; not too much wind, some sun and quite mild for the time of year. So I’ve had the motivation to get out there and do some planting. The stipa gigantea was moved to a better position and several Allium Purple Sensation dotted in around it. This was to fill the newly acquired space where the molinia were. Later on I planted some Kniphofia Nancy’s Red. I sincerely hope they grow better than K. Percy’s Pride which just will not flower for me. If anyone has any suggestions about how to get flowers from the reluctant Percy please let me know.

Some asters, geum, hebes and anemones have also gone in the ground. Simultaneously I’m weeding, cutting things down, moving various plants (throwing away others) and barrowing compost. Its been a real joy to do some ‘proper’ gardening for a change. There was little opportunity to do any this year because it was too hot or too dry or too windy or we were simply too busy with the day to day running of the nursery.

George our ‘rodent control department/customer meeter and greeter is on full alert when a car comes in and he dashes out to do his bit with visitors, I think he gets bored of my company. He has yet to grasp that not everyone likes cats, so everyone gets the same treatment.

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