What an amazing difference it has made having Sarah working here for just 10 hours a week. we have ticked off many things on the list of ‘jobs to do’. Her knowledge is increasing in leaps and bounds and she is so easy to work with (I can be a bit picky). She has certainly had a variety of experiences from re-laying wonky paving slabs to potting and taking cuttings as well as cutting back the grasses in the garden and learning about which seedlings are weeds and which are desirable plants. Long may this continue.

But, lo, my cup runneth over because now we also have Ben on the scene. Ben runs a seed company called Higgledy Garden and I recently noticed that he (and his boat and dog) were moored nearby so I invited him to call in for a tea/coffee. It turns out that he is looking for some space to grow flowers and space is something we have quite a bit of. Then he has an idea to have some seed sowing workshops here. The first ones will be on the 15th and 16th of this month from 10am-2pm. He is extremely good at marketing his business on social media and has thousands of people following him so I think we might just get some spin-off. Plus we will have an extra flowery nursery this year which will hopefully encourage lots of bees and butterflies. Aren’t I the lucky one?

Not such good news is the current weather which is extremely windy and is forecast to stay windy for rest of the week which will cause this polytunnel owner to have a certain amount of worry about the damage that might be done. The tunnels are beginning to get quite full and the last thing I need is for them to have the covers ripped off, exposing young plants to all the elements. We do need the rain though, it has been an unusually dry winter.

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