The last three days have been DRY!!! But the garden is very soggy and is likely to remain so for a long time yet. Philip is looking at the grass which is getting longer and longer but he would make more mess by mowing  so I think he will delay doing it til later in the week. The forecast is for more rain though…..

It’s Sunday and we are two thirds the way through the Bank Holiday weekend. Had a good day yesterday, we were really quite busy in the afternoon. Today wasn’t quite so lucrative but we had some lovely customers in including a new volunteer for the NGS who is helping with the publicity. I even had 10 minutes in the garden at the end of the day pulling up very vigorous hairy bitter cress. Got a bucket full without trying. Must try to do some more tomorrow.

Luckily we didn’t get the frost last night that was forecast. That was really fortunate because we have now got some bedding plants in for sale and, of course, they are not at all frost hardy.

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