This had been forecast from a few days ago and has caused me much anxiety. I can worry about anything but strong winds can cause damage and the thing I dread most is the covers of the polytunnels ripping. The stupid thing is that I know that no amount of worrying is going to make the slightest bit of difference but I have yet to work out how to be more sanguine about everything. If/when the polythene tears the plants are then exposed to all the elements until it can be covered again which could be weeks before all the conditions are perfect. The main reason the plants are under cover is to protect them while they are growing on from cuttings or division. Also it’s where I can potter out of sight with the radio on of course. It’s no easy task to put new polythene on the frame….

The old batons will have to be removed, de-nailed.
New batons might be needed, they will need to be cut to size.
Hot spot tape has to be stuck on all the hoops.Up and down a ladder is not so easy when you are getting older.
The new sheet has to be ordered.
The right weather is then waited for, ideally calm and warm.
Helpers are lined up ready to pull the sheet tight.
Cake is made to feed to the helpers.

Today I woke very early because of the noise of the wind and general feeling of gloom and doom. I hardly dare look out the window to see if things are still where they should be. I need to find some distractions for the day. I might….

Write the piece for March for the local parish newsletters
Make a cake
Phone a friend
Make another macrame plant hanger
Put on loud music
Clean the oven (might, might not.
Keep fingers crossed.

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