I started off the day having a bonfire, we needed to burn many cardboard boxes which had been stored in our barn for rather a long time and mice had had a happy time nesting in them.

The weather was glorious for the time of year so much so that I had to keep stopping and saying ‘what a lovely day’ to my other half or the cat or just the empty garden. (Mad woman muttering to herself again.) It was the most perfect day to be in the garden and it wasn’t too long before I found a smallish patch which needed overhauling. There were some Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ which had some Polemonium ‘Hannah Bilcliffe’ in front and a few clumps of Erigeron ‘Quakeress’ nearby. The grass had become a bit straggly with violas and other plants creeping inside the clumps so I removed two of them. The I dug out the daisy because I have too much of it and anyway its not very special. Next I dug up two of the larger clumps of polemonium and split them up to make several new plants. I dug the area over and incorporated some compost. Then had to replant the Jacob’s ladder and also added a few hostas ( I’m not sure which variety, it came from my parents garden). It looks more cohesive and will hopefully look splendid next year. The miscanthus didn’t get thrown away…….today I divided the clumps and potted them up ready for sale next year. A satisfying and productive day.

One thought on “1st December

  • December 3, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    Cloudy old day today so spent the day “off site”. Working on the boat – pretty cold too! However, got some wood to make raised beds round the trellis house in the garden: yes I know herself said we could use some scrap wood for this but I think this will be a much better job. Christine investigating an owl box for the barn.


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