I may not have written for a couple of weeks but during that time have managed to get quite a lot of planting and transplanting done. The ground is getting stickier though so I may not be able to do much more unless it stays reasonably dry. The trouble is that I’ve done a bit here and a bit there but at least I’m getting some gaps filled. I’ve  moved several libertia which had self-seeded into the wrong place so they got lifted and moved back a bit with some primroses now planted in front of them. Another plant which does well is sisyrichium striatum (I’m always amazed that it doesn’t rot away) and since they seed around with gay abandon there are plenty to spare so some were moved to fill in another gap. We have a dwarf alchemilla which is well-behaved compared to its grown-up relative and is very welcome wherever it chooses to be. But there were just a few too many as isolated plants so I dug them up and grouped them together.

I’ve planted cistus, peonies, hellebores, and hostas in the space I made after pulling out vast quantities of verbena. Also a few penstemmons have gone into one of the borders, I just hope they get through the winter and can give a good show next year.

I took some rose cuttings before we removed the fading climbing roses on the trellis house. The root systems were practically non-existant, probably due to being water-logged most of last year. There aren’t any climbers I can think of which would like sitting in permanently soggy soil so we will make raised border to lift the new plants (not decided which to have yet) out of the sog.

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