Yet another grumble about the weather. This time it’s too dry, too windy and not very warm. The ground is rock hard. I’m having to water almost as often as in the height of summer and it’s not my favourite job. Some plants in the garden are showing signs of stress. I want to do some more planting but will wait. I’ve learned that I’m unlikely to remember where new plants are so they could wither away while my back was turned.

On the upside, the camassias are looking splendid. Rosa ‘Agnes’ has decided to be the first to flower this year and she is covered in her pale lemon scented blooms. The fresh green growth on all the trees and shrubs didn’t get caught by the frost (so far) so I consider myself to be very lucky. Maybe one of the bonuses of the dry weather is that the hostas haven’t been nibbled by slugs and snails …..yet.

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