How is it that there are so many rose-bay willow herb seedlings popping up everywhere when I thought I’d done a good job removing them all before they seeded last year? There are so many and are growing at an alarming rate after the rain and now the sun. And they hide in and amongst other things and masquerade as another plant. Luckily I have sharp eyes and can spot them easily but not everyone can.

The month of May passed by in a blink of an eye as it always does. There’s always so much to be done and most of it is done by me so I feel under pressure at this time of year. The watering is such a repetitive chore and the hose seems to get heavier and more unwieldy as I get older. While I doing the watering there are various jobs which shout out to be done. For instance…..some plants need weeding, some will need moving, labelling for others plus keeping a check on the ants which are everywhere (sometimes making nests in the planted up pots).

When the watering is done I can ‘play’. Do some potting if it’s not too hot in the tunnel or out in the garden trying desperately to keep control of the weeds. I rarely plant plants at this time of year because I forget where I’ve put them so they won’t get watered. But I have grown some cosmos which are almost ready to plant out if only I can find room for them. I hope to do this in te next few days.

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