We’ve had the garden open for the National Garden Scheme for about 15 years. We used to have several group visits in the evenings from garden clubs and societies. Tow or three years ago we had a rest from taking bookings, it was getting too much to do a days work then go back in the evening for two or three hours. But this year we have started up again.

The first group came a fortnight ago. I’d made two cakes and put them in the freezer and on the morning of the visit decided to bake a tray of flapjack. I had been told to expect between 15-20 people, (we have a minimum number of 12). Two cars arrived at the due time but only six people got out. They were embarrassed, I was annoyed. Anyway, in spite of the rain, we all made the best of the situation and they made up the fee as if there were 12 of them.

The following week on a Tuesday morning there were 8 of us anxiously waiting for a coach load of 50 people for Stafford. For a frantic one and a half hours we served teas and coffees and cake. Luckily the grandchildren were helping, they did a magnificent job and acted as if they were completely familiar with the roles of serving refreshments.  Their parents also played an important part in the smooth running of the visit as did Julie.

The best bit is that we managed to raise some more money for this very worthwhile charity. The garden is still open each Saturday and Sunday until mid-Sept.

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