The weather is not too nice at the moment. Cloudy, cool and fairly wet. On the plus side it means that it’s easier to keep working and the ground is now quite moist so plants are looking perkier than they did. It’s rather a relief not to have to do the watering every day.

Had a session in the garden with Catherine’s help on Tuesday when we cleared away a lot of perennials which had finished flowering. The galega seems to have flowered and finished earlier than normal and removing old flower stems leaves huge gaps in the borders. I must reduce some of the clumps this autumn. I allowed it to seed around and now there’s too much. Removed three trolleys worth. Meanwhile Philip had the help of George (no not the cat) to finished hedge cutting.

After much umming and ahhing I finally decided what to grow as a quick crop between lifting garlic and planting the next lot. I ordered some purple podded French beans which I’ve sown over the last two days. Whether or not they will actually produce beans remains to be seen but if they do then I might be able to sell them at our local foodie village shop.

I continue to grow more alpines because they are so popular. The house leeks sell particularly well. I’ve also taken lots of cuttings of different shrubs ready for next year.

Evidence and sightings of rabbits is on the increase. Yesterday there was a baby bunny in my tunnel which George saw, in fact he looked more alert than he has done for ages, but I think it got away.

I’m mulling over what to plant alongside the new track to the converted barn (which we just might be moving into sometime next month). There will be lots of daffodils and maybe a rosa rugosa hedge. I’d like to plant some trees but there is a telegraph line above where I would want to plant.

The black garlic is very popular and the first batch sold out quickly. The next lot is cooking and should be ready in the next week or two. Now I need to prepare more to put in the hot box.

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