Rain was forecast so it seemed a good idea to lift all the garlic rather than have it sit and fester. It was easier to pull rather than dig it up which avoided damaging some of the bulbs.

I grew a few different varieties and these are the results.

Picardy Wight….small. won’t try again.

Solent Wight…..medium

Early Purple Wight……Good size mostly but bulbils forming on some stems

Red Duke…….Quite even, medium in size

Bohemian Rose Wight and Mikalov Wight……Some good size bulbs, will grow again

Un-named one that I’ve grown for years. Those planted in Jan were not very big but the ones I planted in the Autumn in the clay soil veg beds were larger than they’ve ever been so I’ll definitely keep some back to plant in October/November.

The first ‘heat-box’ is now full of garlic gently, slowly changing into a slightly sticky, delicious tasting snack which is in much demand, I just hope there will be enough for all those who want to buy it.

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