It was almost windless for  couple of hours this morning so I took the opportunity to do some spraying. This involved walking round parts of the site that I don’t often see and as I was looking at the ground to see the weeds I couldn’t help but notice the amount of rabbit droppings here, there and everywhere. Its true that I’ve seen more plants which have been nibbled and diggings happening randomly so I knew there are more of these pests at the nursery. Luckily, our man with the gun called in today. He hasn’t been for ages due to ill health but is going to start coming again and hopefully he will get some of them. I frequently see them in different parts of the garden and nursery so there must be quite a lot now. George the cat might appears to be useless although he did catch a mouse last night which he was very pleased about, but I doubt he’s getting any of the rabbits.

It has been lovely to have two rain-free days and to have some sun for a change. We had our first frost last night which is very late in the year. Fortunately I’ve put most of the vulnerable plants in the tunnel so there shouldn’t be too much damage and this frost was only -1 degree c. At last I have found some new boots for work which are lovely and warm so hopefully there won’t be any chilblains this winter!

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